Ascertain The Frictional Attributes Of Packaging Products

Ascertain The Frictional Attributes Of Packaging Products

Co-efficient of friction test is performed in different types of materials such as lubricants, ceramic tiles, and other household products to measure the frictional attributes of a product. The frictional test is performed on the surface of the materials by sliding the surface of two materials against each other easily and smoothly. Co-efficient of friction of a material can be calculated by dividing the highest value of the friction by the normal force. The value of the COF is considered as the ratio of strength which is required to slide the surface of the material against other material which is placed perpendicular to it by exerting little pressure on the material. The outcomes of this test implicate low COF means smoother surface and vice versa. The polymers that are used to manufacture films are the first place where the materials are kept free to dry and then tested against the sliding force with the consistent pressure. The test procedure provides two types of results i.e. kinetic and static.

Static Coefficient of Friction –The static COF is the force that controls the movement of a stationary object on a relatively hard as well as an even surface.

Kinetic Coefficient of Friction – This helps to control the consistent motion. The kinetic friction is determined by the strength that controls the movement of substances that slips on hard and smooth surfaces.

Best Solution – To Measure the Frictional Strength

Presto’s COF – Digital cum Computerized model is an effective testing instrument which is used in packaging industries. The device is used to perform a test on packaging material to determine the frictional properties of the materials such as labels, films and many more. The device works on the principle of COF test that indicates the level of frictional forces that a material bears easily without damaging the product quality which is packed inside. The testing instrument is easy to operate, and it offers highly accurate test results. Know more about Co-efficient of friction tester at