Determine The Co-Efficient Of Friction Tester For Your Packaging

Exactly Determine The Co-Efficient Of Friction Tester For Your Packaging Products

Coefficient of Friction is a significant property of packaging materials. It helps to measure the amount of abrasion on the surface of the material when the product is placed in the state of motion. Wrong evaluation of coefficient of friction can lead to various safety difficulties regarding the packaging of the products during warehousing and transportation. The coefficient of friction property of the materials helps to determine the force which is required to move the material primarily. It also contributes to evaluating the stacking ability of the corrugated boxes. The coefficient of friction tester is a must have testing equipment for all packaging products.

The additives that are used in the manufacturing products sometimes come on the top surface causes blooming. The blooming causes a change in the coefficient of friction of the material. As the blooming due to the additives is not perfect, the change in the coefficient of friction may be different for the materials.

When we talk about the quality of the coefficient of friction tester for the packaging industry, Presto Stantest is a well-known manufacturer of testing device. The testing device is provided by Presto in two models that is computerized cum digital model and dynamic model. Both the testing devices explain the circumstances that are faced by a plastic film manufacturer during the actual usage of the instrument. The testing equipment is highly effective, precise and accurate that offers only correct, and acceptable test results. The instruments are designed ergonomically by the highly skilled professional engineers. The instrument complied with all national and international standards. To know more about the product, consult our technocrats.

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