Measure The Strength Of Edges To Enhance The Quality

Measure The Strength Of Edges To Enhance The Quality

In the paper and packaging industries, it is the corners and edges of the boxes that are mostly responsible for bearing the loads. The strength of these edges and corners is important as it is the only thing that specifies the safety of the content. Therefore, performing an Edge Crush Test helps to determine the strength and resistance of the box.

ECT or Edge Crush Tester is the reliable Lab Testing Equipment that helps to examine the crushing strength of the edges of corrugated boxes, cardboards, etc., when placed under heavy. 

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Purpose of Edge Crush Test

The Edge Crush Resistance is an important quality control standard in corrugated cardboard factories. Therefore, TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry or The edge crush test (ECT) offers standards and technical information that are necessary in paper and packaging industries. It helps measure, evaluating and describing the strength of paper and pulp products. 

Edge Crush Test with Presto Stantest 

The ECT or Edge Compression Test method describes procedures to evaluate edgewise compressive strength, of a short column of single or multi layered corrugated cardboard or paper.

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  • The instrument strictly complies with Global standard test methods.  The instrument is designed and manufactured as per the standards defined by various standardization authorities like ASTM, ISO, BIS and so forth.
  • While performing the ECT, a constant load is applied on corrugated cardboard until it collapses.
  • The compression plates are suitable for the ring crush test (RCT), the flat crush test (FCT), the edge crush test (ECT).
  • These compression plates that are precision-guided help ensure extremely high lateral stiffness, guaranteeing reproducible test values.

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