All about the V-Notch Test for Metal Quality

All about the V-Notch Test for Metal Quality

V-Notch Test

The Notch test is a renowned term which is utilized for the famous Charpy Impact Testing procedure. It is a form of standardized testing method which helps to evaluate the energy which is taken by the notched specimen at the time when huge level of pressure is placed on it. This energy or force is known to be a pathway to examine the ductile-brittle behaviour of the sample.

To conduct the test, firstly, a notch is prepared in the testing specimen as per the testing standards used for the impact test. There are multiple testing parameters which can affect the testing data hence it is essential to assure that all the test factors are precisely applied prior staring the test. It is very important to assure that the notch created is accurate or not in terms of physical angle and dimensions.

There are multiple testing data that should be applied to create a notch on the specimen and to conduct impact testing on the same. Some of the standards are ASTM E23, ISO 148-1 or EN 10045-1. In these test standards, the entire procedure and method of testing and preparing the sample is mentioned.

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