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Melt Flow Index Tester in Bangladesh


The Melt flow rate of a plastic material is a significant indicator of its quality and properties. The manufacturers need to test the melt flow rate of the plastic granules and resins in order to evaluate their properties such as viscosity, chemical structure and so forth. The Melt Flow Index Tester in Bangladesh provided by Presto is used by most of the manufacturers to test the MFI of plastic resins. The instrument is capable of providing the best analysis to the users with a simple and easy operation.

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Presto is a globally renowned  manufacturer and supplier of Melt Flow Index Tester for Bangladesh that is one of the most used instruments to test the melt flow index of the plastic granules used in the plastic industries. The instrument is equipped with a digital display that shows the temperature of the heater with good accuracy. The instrument is also fitted with PID controller and RTD PT-100 Sensors that helps in effective controlling of the heat produced in the heater. The instrument is manufactured according to all the guidelines set by various quality standards and is provided with a  conformance certificate and a user guide.

    • The temperature range of the apparatus is from ambient to 4000
    • The least count exhibited by the instrument is 0.10
    • The instrument has a high accuracy of ±1%.
    • The head of the piston used with the machine has a diameter of 9.47 mm.
    • The diameter of the cavity of the heater is55 mm.
    • The LED display of the machine gives accurate information about the heater cavity temperature.
    • The machine is also provided with additional dead weights for applying extra load on the sample. The dead weights are available on client’s request.
    • For precise and easy sensing of the heater temperature, RTD PT-100 sensor is used.
    • PID temperature compiled with the machine is best for controlling the temperature of the heater cavity.
    • The sample cutting is done manually as well as automatically.
    • The instrument consumes a power of 0.5 kilowatts.
    • There is also a digital weighing balance available as an optional accessory.

    • The PID temperature controller works based on microcontroller.
    • Accurate setting of sample cutting is done with the help of a digital
    • The instrument is available with standard accessories.


    • IS 10810-1984: Method of test for cables part 23: melt flow Index
    • ASTM D 1238-13: Standard Test method for flow rates of Thermoplastic by extrusion platometer
    • IS 2530-1963 (R 2003): Methods of test for polyethylene molding Materials & polyethylene Compounds

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