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Digital Tensile Testing Machine in Bangladesh

TTM-S (as per capacity)

The Digital Tensile Testing Machine in Bangladesh is a very useful testing instrument that is used for testing the tensile strength of various materials such as metals, polymers, rubbers, plastics, etc. The instrument can be used for exact analysis of the tensile strength and ensure best quality and strength of the materials and products provided to the clients. The device is in compliance with all the required quality testing standards that make the instrument applicable to international industries and markets.

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Presto’s Digital Tensile Testing Machine for Bangladesh is widely used in different industries to calculate the tensile strength of the materials with great accuracy. The instrument is assembled with many different features for regular working such as digital peak load indicators, limit switches for over travel protection, overload protection of the load cell, Program lock of the peak load indicator, etc. these features help the users in smoothly operating the instrument.  Along with that, the device is designed strictly according to the guidelines set by various agencies and regulatory authorities in different quality testing standards.

The machine is available with a user manual and a calibration certificate that can be traced to any NABL accredited laboratories.

    • The maximum amount of force that is exerted on the specimen using this machine is 250 kilograms.
    • The least count of the device is a 100-gram
    • The instrument is fitted with a /4 HP motor.
    • The power supply of 220 volts AC with single phase is used for the operation.
    • The power consumption is 1 kilowatt.
    • The exact dimension of et appliance is 66 X 54 X 160 cm.
    • The weight of the machine is 140 kg and the 212 kg after packaging.

    The machine is available with several different types of jaws and grips that can be used for holding different materials with a firm grip. Additionally, there are sample cutting press and sample cutting die available with the instrument as optional accessories.

    • The material used for fabrication of the machine is heavy grade mild steel which provides stability to the performance of the instrument.
    • There are features supplied with the machine such as overload protection through the limit switch, overload protection programming of the load cell and so forth.
    • The electrical wiring and the motor installed in the instrument are provided by standard brands and are compliant with CE.
    • The machine is manufactured in an entirely flexible way which allows easy maintenance and cleaning of the machine.

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