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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Bangladesh


The Pet bottles mainly used for packaging of different products such as chemicals, soft drinks, medicines, etc. The Pet bottles are greatly responsible for the safety these products hence must be provided with the best quality.  A significant property of the PET bottles is their balance. They must have a perfect balance so that they do not fall over frequently. This is assured with the help of section weight analysis. For accurate section weight analysis, the bottle must be cut in different sections. The Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Bangladesh is an efficient testing instrument that is used by manufacturers to cut the bottle perfectly for section weight analysis. The easy operation of the instrument provides it better efficiency and accuracy.

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Presto is a trusted and globally known manufacturer and exporter of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for Bangladesh that is used for cutting of the PET bottles with high accuracy and without deforming the sections. The instrument is fitted with a set of Canthal wires that can be heated to three different levels. The variable voltage potentiometer allows easy control of the heating standards of the wires. The digital screen displays the standard of heating of the wires for easy monitoring and control. An instruction guide and a conformance certificate are supplied to the clients along with this machine.

    • The device cuts the PET bottles into three different sections for correct section weight analysis.
    • The LED digital display provided with the appliance is best for monitoring the heating level of Canthal wires with high accuracy.
    • The laboratory testing equipment is fitted with a set of two high-quality Canthal element wires for accurate cutting. There are also more numbers of wires available with the machine on request.
    • The weight of the lab testing equipment is 35 kilograms.
    • The exact size of the instrument is 700 X 400 X 400 mm.
    • A bottle with a maximum size of 138 mm diameter can be cut with the help of this appliance.
    • There is a variable voltage potentiometer assembled with the machine which helps in controlling the heat level of the cutting wires. The wires can be heated to three heating levels.

    • The machine is set for cutting PET bottles into three sections that are top, bottom, and cylinder.
    • The Canthal wires can be heated to three distinct levels that help in cutting of materials with different properties.
    • The digital display helps in effective monitoring of the heating.

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