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Peel Strength Tester in Bahrain


The adhesive materials provide the good strength and efficiency to the packaging products with security. The adhesive packaging materials must be strong enough to endure the rigorous process of transit and storage. Presto’s Peel Strength Tester for Bahrain is an efficient tool to provide the accurate analysis of the adhesive strength of the materials. The instrument is convenient to use and easy to understand. The user-friendly features help the end users to operate easily and get the accurate result. The device is complying with all the international quality standards which ensure efficiency and accuracy.

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Presto designs and manufactures the Peel Strength Tester for Bahrain to investigate the effectiveness and adhesive strength of the adhesive in the packaging materials. The device has a digital peak load indicator helping in a precise readout of the test findings. The limit swathes protect from over traveling of the jaws. The seal strength and bond strength test are also performed with this instrument. For accurate testing, the templates provided with the machine is used to prepare the specimen precisely as per the standards. The instrument is strictly complying with the international quality standards and is supplied with an instruction manual as well as calibration certificate.

    • The maximum capacity to exert a force on the sample is 20 kilograms.
    • The jaws have a separation rate of 300 mm per minute.
    • The least count is a 2-gram
    • The overall measurement of the device is 61 X 51 X 124 cm.
    • The device observes the quality standard ASTM D 429-14.
    • The net weight is 90 kilograms, 120 kilograms after packaging.
    • AC drives and thermal printer are optional accessories.

    • The device tests the effect of a force applied to the adhesives at 180 degrees. A fixture to perform the test at 90 degrees is also available.
    • The tool accuracy is ±2%.
    • Used to perform the seal strength and bond strength test.
    • The device has an in-house calibration.
    • The digital peak load indicator provides the clear test result.

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