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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Bahrain


The PET bottles are used for bottling the chemicals, soft drinks, medicines, etc., and are significant materials considered for the safe packaging.  A balance of the PET bottles is the major factor. The perfect balance prevents the bottles from frequent falling. The section weight analysis is made to avoid sudden falling.  The bottles are cut into different sections for accurate section weight inspections. The Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for Bahrain is used for perfect cutting of the bottle to analyze the section weight. This is the easy, efficient and accurate tool.

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Presto manufactures and designs the Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for Bahrain for cutting the PET bottles without deforming or damaging the sections. The Canthal wires are used in the device that can be heated to three different levels. With the help of the variable voltage potentiometer, easy control of the heating standards of the wires is maintained. The digital screen displays the standard of wire heating and helps in efficient monitoring and control. Presto supplies the instruction guide and a conformance certificate to the clients.

    • The instrument is used to cut the PET bottles into three different sections and performs the correct section weight analysis.
    • The LED digital display monitors the heating level of Canthal wires with accuracy.
    • A set of two high-quality Canthal element wires are provided for accurate cutting, and additional wires are available on request.
    • The weight is 35 kilograms with exact dimension 700 X 400 X 400 mm.
    • The tool is capable of cutting the bottle with a maximum size of 138 mm diameter.
    • The variable voltage potentiometer controls the heat level of the cutting wires, which can be heated to three heating levels.

    • The tool cuts the PET bottles into three sections (top, bottom, and cylinder).
    • The Canthal wires can be heated to three distinct levels and cuts the materials with different properties.
    • The digital display provides active heating observation.

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