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Melt Flow Index Tester

Presto’s Melt Flow Index tester is designed exclusively for the perfect measurement of melt flow rate of molten plastics or granules. The Plastic melt flow index tester is calculated by performing a manual/ automatic test procedure on a testing instrument in order to check the melt volume rate of the flow of plastic granules (which is measured in grams in a precise time of ten minutes). The procedure passed through a jet having a particular measurement in diameter and length. It is carried out under a specific pressure and temperature with the ideal position of a piston in a cylindrical container inside a heated metallic barrel.

Presto is a leading manufacturer and supplier of melt flow index tester, melt flow resistance (MFR) Tester, Polymer testing machine, plastic granules testing instruments etc. all over the world for the purpose of flow rate testing. The testing equipment meets ISO and ASTM standards with the main focus on meeting the principal circumstances of load and temperature.

Presto offers two models of Melt Flow Index Tester – MFI Deluxe Model and MFI NXG Model.

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The Presto’s Melt Flow Index Tester has a PID temperature controlled based on Micro Processor. Its temperature range varies from ambient to 400°C.

It also has a very good resolution of 0.1°C with the accuracy of ± 0.1°C. The testing instrument has a pre-settable digital timer extensible up to 59 minutes, 59 seconds and with the signal output. The instrument ensures easy operation and accuracy.

The testing equipment consists of standard accessories, namely, Piston, Orifice, Spanner, Spoon, Funnel, Plumb Line, Mirror, Material charger, Barrel cleaner, Tweezers, Sample Cutter, Orifice cleaner and Accessory stand. The instrument is manufactured keeping in mind some safety measures also like; it is placed on a heavy metal plate that ensures stability while performing the procedure. The tester strictly adheres to ASTM D1238-1992 standard.

It is available with an attractive finish of Autumn Blue and Gray colored painting. Moreover, elegant and bright zinc plating is added to highlight a deterioration resistant finish. The product is available with a complete instruction guide; with colorful electrical wiring pictures and calibration certificates traceable to NABL approved labs.

Specifications / Models Melt Flow Index Tester – Deluxe Melt Flow Index Tester- NXG
Display LED Display HMI with Touch Screen Multi Color
Temp. Range Ambient to 400 C Ambient to 400 C
Accuracy ± 1 °C ± 1 °C
Resolution 0.1°C 0.1°C
Weights  1.2 kg; 2.16 kg; 3.8 kg & 5 kg (Additional weights on request)  1.2 kg; 2.16 kg; 3.8 kg & 5 kg (Additional weights on request)
Sensor Type Pt 100 Pt 100
Temperature Controller PID controller PID controller
Sample Cutting Automatic Automatic.
Power Supply Single Phase 220-240V AC, 50Hz. Single Phase 220-240V AC, 50Hz.
Power Consumption 0.5 KW 0.5 KW
Paint Mild steel Powder coated Havell Gray & Blue combination finish and bright chrome / zinc plating Mild steel Powder coated Havell Gray & Blue combination finish and bright chrome / zinc plating
Sample Type Plastics or Resins
Industry Plastic

  • 1) Melt Flow Index Tester – Delux Model

    Presto, as Melt Flow Index Tester manufacturers, provides superior quality testing instruments with best specifications which are totally different from other products currently available in the market. We manufacture our product with a different outlook and with a unique design. Following are the details:

    • “Piston head” of Melt Flow Tester is available in a dimension of 9.47 mm diameter.
    • It has a heater tube cavity with a diameter of 9.55mm
    • The Dimensions of Die affixed on a tester is 2.095mm
    • Weight or pressure of piston on granules can be 1.2 kg, 2.16kg, 3.8 kg, 5kg and 10 kg.


    • IS 2530-1963 (R2003): Methods of test for polyethylene molding Materials & polyethylene
    • IS 2267-1972: The standard method to test polystyrene molding materials.


    • IS 10810-1984: Methods for test for cables part 23: melt flow Index
    • ASTM D1238-13: Standard Test method for flow rates of Thermoplastic by extrusion plastometer

    Optional Accessory:

    Moreover, the MFI is available with the Lab Weighing Balance of 200gms with the Least Count of 0.01grams.

    2) Melt Flow Index Tester – Next Generation Model
    • It has a resolution of 1°C that provides accuracy of ± 0.1°C.
    • It has a digital pre-settable timer extensible up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
    • It provides automatic cutting of melted plastic.
    • The equipment ensures easy operation and accuracy as it provides various weight changeability options. The weight can be of 1.2 kg, 2.16 kg, and 3.8 kg.
    • It is a touch screen model with inbuilt calculator.
    • The body of the machine has a powder coated paint finish that ensures corrosion resistant.
    • It can be used on single phase power of 230 Volts and 50 Hz.

    1) Melt Flow Index Tester – Delux Model

    The MFI is available with the best features that can calculate MFR with accurateness.

      • It exactly maintains the temperature between ambient to 400°C with absolute accuracy.
      • It has a proportional integral derivative (PID) temperature controller, which is totally based on a microprocessor.
      • It ensures repeatability and accuracy as it incorporated with the Digital pre-settable timer.
      • It has a feature of automatic cutting of melted granules that ensures easy operation and reliable results.
      • It has an anti-rust finish with a very elegant design.
      • Moreover, standard resources are included in the equipment.
    2) Melt Flow Index  Tester– Next Generation Model

    How Presto’s Melt Flow Index Tester – NXG Model is different from others?

      • It automatically calculates MFI.
      • Integrated with the latest touch screen facility.
      • Offers Digital pre-settable timer.
      • Provides automatic cutting of melted granules.
      • Provides a temperature that can vary from ambient to 4000 C.
      • Reliable Instrument for evaluating flow properties of molten plastics.
      • Easy changeability of weights.

    Sample Reports for Computerized Model

    Melt Flow Index Tester

2 Reviews of Melt Flow Index Tester

  1. Dhananjay kr. Pandey
    04 Apr, 2015

    The equipment is really of better quality with very precise functioning. It helped me a lot in checking the quality of my Raw materials and helped in saving a lot of time and money by avoiding rejections.

  2. Rahul
    16 Dec, 2015

    The device is effective to measure the melt volume rate of the flow of plastic granules. The machine is ideal to perform the test in a specific pressure and temperature. Efficient and simple equipment to use.

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