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Bottle Burst Tester in United Arab Emirates

PBBT - 0100

PET bottles are used for packaging of different liquids such as aerated drinks, chemicals, etc. These fluids exert a huge amount of pressure on the bottles from inside. If the PET bottles used for packaging of these products are not strong enough, then they can burst easily of the filing of fluid which a great safety threat for the quality of the products. In order to ensure that the bottles used for packaging are able to bear this pressure, the manufacturers need to test the strength of the PET bottles they supply to their clients. The Bottle Burst Tester in United Arab Emirates is an efficient testing instrument offered by Presto that is utilized in the PET industries to test the strength of the bottles with the help of air pressure. The instrument has an easy operation and provides highly accurate test results.  

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Presto’s Bottle Burst Tester for United Arab Emirates is widely used by the PET bottle manufacturers to ensure the best quality and strength of the bottles. The machine is equipped with best features like auto hold facility for samples, Outer steel casing for added safety, and automatic buzzer for notification of completion of the test cycle. The instrument is also fitted with a digital display which helps the users in an easy readout of the test results. The machine complies with all the required standards set by different agencies and is provided to the clients along with a conformance certificate and an instruction guide.

    • The Power supply used for the operation of the machine is 220 volts AC single phase.
    • Hydraulic pressure control system is used for controlling the testing pressure of the device.
    • The device is provided with an auto pressure hold feature which maintains constant pressure during testing.
    • The air filter and pressure regulator assembly are used for efficient controlling of the machinery.
    • A secure steel casing outside the specimen placement area is installed for extra protection of the machine as well as the user.

    • To operate the device, a regular 7 bar air pressure connection is enough.
    • A faster test cycle time is offered by the apparatus.
    • One the digital display of the instrument, the users can see the pass-fail criteria of the specimen.
    • In-house calibration facility is provided with the machine.
    • The device also has the auto sample holding facility.
    • Once the test cycle is complete, an automatic alarm triggers.




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