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Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Thailand

PS0 -451

Presto supplies Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Thailand to the manufacturers of different production vertical to examine the effect of different environmental conditions and temperatures to analyze the impact of elevated temperatures on a material. The testing machine is very east to operate as it is designed with user-friendly features. The instruments are designed keeping in mind certain standard test methods that are introduced by national and international standardization authorities such as ASTM, ISO, that indicates that the device fulfills the testing requirement of international market as well.

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Presto is industries leading supplier, exporter of Laboratory Hot Air Oven in Thailand that can be used different industries for performing various types of tests. The testing machine is assembled with numerous sophisticated features such as RTD-PT 100 sensor, PID controller cum indicator; digital preset timer and so forth that helps the user to control the device easily and efficiently. The instrument comprises sof a double walled chamber that ensures better insulation. The instrument is supplied complete with the calibration certificate duly approved by NABL approved labs and user manual that helps the user to operate the device easily.

    • Temperature range of the machine is ambient to 250o
    • The instrument is designed with PID temperature controller that helps to set the required temperature easily.
    • It has highly sensitive RTD PT-100 sensor that accurately senses the level of inside chamber temperature.
    • The digital timer helps to set the cycle of test accurately.
    • The inner chamber size of the device is 18” x 18” x 18”. Chambers with different sizes are also designed on customer’s request.
    • It can be operated efficiently on the power supply of 220V, 50 Hz.

    • The double walled chamber of the machine is filled with the glass wool that ensures better insulation.
    • The PID controller helps to set accurate temperature.
    • The high-speed blower fan maintains uniform heat throughout the chamber.
    • Adjustable stainless steel trays are provided to place the sample.

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