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Color Matching Cabinet in Tanzania

Spectrum II -(USA)

The metamerism is the main issue for the color industries who are dealing with the color of the products every day. The color appearance is different under different lights, and this problem is effectively solved with the Color Matching Cabinet in Tanzania, offered by Presto. The tool eliminates the metamerism issue. The machine is equipped with different lights to check the product. The matching procedure is simple with accurate result.  It is the quality of the color that remains consistent under all lighting conditions. If the color of a product changes under different lights means the color quality is poor. The testing instrument identifies the color issues effectively.

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Presto offers the best and high quality of Color Matching Cabinet in Tanzania to use in various industries such as automobiles, textiles, food industries, paint and coating industries. The quality of the colors is tested to prevent any flaw in the materials where color is the important factor. The instrument is comprised of D 65, InCAA, TL 84, TFL, CWF, and Ultraviolet black lights to create the actual lighting conditions the product is subjected.  The separate operation of each light is performed with the help of individual switches.

    • Efficient and bright light sources enough to provide the best level of illumination for prolonged time period.
    • Best color matching procedures are performed in the quickest
    • The best quality material is used for protection against corrosion.
    • The light sources are connected with the electronic choke to enable instant illumination.

    • The working procedure is simple.
    • Individual switches for each light source that can be used alone or combined.
    • Different sizes of the test specimen are tested due to the design of the instrument.
    • The best tool for laboratory testing procedures.

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