Instruments as per ASTM D76

Standard Method that Provides Specification for Tensile Testing Machines for Textiles

The test standard covers operating characteristics of tensile machines to determine the force elongation properties of textile materials. This standard covers various specifications of different tensile machines like constant rate of traverse, constant rate of extension and constant rate of loading. Calibration of testing machines will also be verified using the procedures indicated in this condition, especially when moved to various locations to ensure that they still fulfill the specified tolerance. Motor-driven machine is preferred over manually driven machines. Constant rate of traverse type machines shall not be used for measuring forces below fifty times their resolution. The machines are equipped with a device for measuring force. Holding or clamping devices shall be prescribed in test methods. Indicated force, maximum allowable error, recorded elongation, moving clamp and nominal gage length must be within the tolerances prescribed in the individual standards. Verification procedure for recording clamp displacement and recorded elongation shall conform to the procedures indicated in this standard specification.