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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Sri Lanka


PET bottles are widely used in different production units to fulfill the requirement of packaging. One of the major attribute of PET bottles that explains its quality is proper balancing of bottles. This can be done by the means of section weight analysis of bottles. For accurate section weight analysis, it is required to cut the bottles into three sections with deforming the actual shape and edges of the bottles and in appropriate dimensions and sizes. The best and cost effective method to perform the process of section weight analysis is Hot Wire Bottle Cutter in Sri Lanka. The instrument is quite easy to use and offers precise results.

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Presto Stantest is the foremost manufacturers of testing machine that also manufactures high-quality of Hot Wire Bottle Cutter for Sri Lanka. The instrument is used by the manufacturers of PET & Preform products all across the globe to cut the bottles firmly in appropriate sections. The instrument is assembled with two canthal wires that appropriately cut the bottle in three sections when heated without deforming its edges and shape. It is a digital instrument that has digital heating display panel and variable voltage potentiometer that permits easy monitoring and controls the heating level of the wires. The instrument is supplied complete with the calibration certificate and a user manual that helps the operators to operate the machine easily.

    • The machine is utilized to cut the bottles into three distinct section i.e. top cylinder and bottom for accurate section weight analysis.
    • It has clear and precise digital display that indicates that the heating level of the wires offers highly accurate results.
    • It has high-quality of canthal wires that are best enough to cut the bottles firmly. More than two wires are also provided on customers request.
    • The overall dimension of apparatus is 700mm x 400mm x 400mm.
    • The net weight of the instrument is 35 kilogram.
    • It can easily cut the bottle of 138mm.
    • In order to control the heat level of the canthal wires, variable potentiometer is also provided.

    • It efficiently cut the bottles into three sections without deforming the shape of the sections in cost effective manner.
    • The canthal wire of the instrument can be heated at three different levels for cutting different types of material.
    • It also has a digital display that can monitor the degree of heating of the canthal wires.

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