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Color Matching Cabinet in Sri Lanka

Colors abundantly affect the quality of the products. Manufacturers need to understand the color quality of the materials to ensure the quality of the product and to ensure its consistency. The color quality of the products not only affects the appearance of the products but also shows the quality of the ingredient or raw material which is used to manufacture that product. Hence, the manufacturers need to use the best testing strategies to ensure the consistency of the colors in best possible manner. Color Matching Cabinet in Sri Lanka is cost-effective and best testing solution which is used to match the color of the products with high accuracy. The testing machine is used to prevent the problem of Metamerism. It is the phenomenon in which the color of the material appears different in various lighting conditions. The testing machine is easy to operate and offers highly accurate test results.

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Presto Stantest is the well-known manufacturer of exporter of Color Matching Cabinet for Sri Lanka, which is used to test and match the color quality of the products and materials that are manufactured in different industries such as automobiles, paints, food and textile industries. The instrument is assembled with six different light sources namely D65 – artificial daylight, tungsten filament, TL-84, CWF, and ultraviolet black light. These are operated by individual switch button. All these lights are capable enough to replicate actual light conditions. It is the best testing device to test the color consistency of different products when placed in different light conditions. It is supplied with the user manual to understand the operating process of the device easily.

    • Equipped with best light sources that deliver constant light intensity for a long time.
    • It ensures easier, closer and faster color matching process.
    • The high quality of the material is utilized that ensures corrosion resistant finish and long working life of the device.
    • Electronic switches are provided for creating sudden illumination of particular light.

    • Easy to operate
    • Individual switch with every light
    • Different size of samples can be tested
    • Best device for production testing and laboratory testing
    • Time totalizer that helps to determine the number of hours for which the machine has been used.

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