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Bottle Burst Tester in Sri Lanka

PET bottles are used to pack different consumable and non-consumable products that are manufactured in various industries. These bottles are used to pack aerated drinks, food products, beverages, soft drinks, chemicals and many more. Most of the products that are packed in the PET bottles are in liquid from and when these liquids are filler into the PET bottles, they exert a specific amount of pressure on the bottles. It is quite remarkable that these bottles must bear the pressure for best safety of the products. The Bottle Burst Tester in Sri Lanka is an extremely effective testing machine that can be utilized by the manufacturers of PET bottles to test the strength of the bottles. Using this testing machine, the manufacturers can easily analyze the maximum amount of internal pressure that a bottle can bear. The testing machine is quite easy and simple to operate. The testing instrument is designed as per the international standards as well. Hence, it can fulfill the testing requirements of the devices of the international market too.

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Presto Stantest offers highly effective Bottle Burst Tester for Sri Lanka that is used by the manufacturers of PET & Preform manufacturing industries to test the quality and other properties of PET bottles that they manufacture in order to ensure the best quality of the manufactured goods. There is an air pressure that is used to test the bottles and it offers a better level of precision as compared to the liquids. Moreover, the digital control panel of the instrument helps to operate the device easily. There are two different models of bottle burst tester that is manufactured by Presto to serve the requirements of the customers i.e. Digital Model and Touch Screen Model.

    • The apparatus can be operated easily with the 110/220 volt power supply.
    • It is designed for a hydraulic power control system to control the pressure which is build up in the sample.
    • The auto pressure folds feature is there in the device to maintain the pressure,
    • It has regulator assembly and air filter for better control of pressure.
    • A highly secured outer steel case is provided to ensure the safety of the operator.

    • It has 7 bar air pressure connection to operate the device.
    • It works with faster cycle time.
    • The instrument displays pass/fail criteria for the test on the device.
    • It has in-house calibration system.
    • The auto sample holding feature is provided.
    • The automatic alarm of the device automatically triggers on test completion.


    Related Standard: ISO-2758

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