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Dart Impact Tester in Saudi Arabia


Presto’s Dart Impact Tester in Saudi Arabia is an effective laboratory testing device that is used for determination of the strength of the plastic films under the effect of a force applied by a freely falling dart. The plastic films have to bear a lot of forces and pressure during the transportation and storage. In order to keep the products safe, the plastic films must be strong enough to survive such forces. The device offered by presto gives the exact amount of force that a plastic film can bear before it fails.

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Presto is an industry acclaimed manufacturer and exporter of Dart Impact Tester in Saudi Arabia that is widely used in packaging industries for analysis of strength and quality plastic films. The instrument is used for calculating the minimum amount of force at which the test specimen fails when the force is applied through a freely falling dart. There are two different sizes of darts that are used during the test procedure to perform two different test methods. The machine is fitted with a strong electromagnetic dart holder that allows users to perform uninterrupted falling of darts.

The laboratory apparatus is in compliance with all the required international quality standards and comes with a user guide and calibration certificate.

    • The machine has a two piece clamping unit with an internal diameter of 127 mm.
    • The machine can test a specimen with a minimum width of 240 mm.
    • There is an electromagnetic mechanism used in the machine for releasing and holding the darts.
    • Two darts with different diameters and length are utilized by the machine for performing the test. The diameters of the dart heads are 38 mm and 50 mm used for test Method A and B respectively.
    • The maximum height of fall of the darts that can be achieved through the machine is 1524 mm.
    • There is a digital counter used for counting of the falls made by the darts.
    • The laboratory equipment runs on a power supply of 220 volts AC of a single
    • The overall size of the device is 50 cm X 35 cm X 215 cm.
    • The net weight of the machine is 38 kilograms and 68 kilograms when packed.
    • A vacuum pump is also available as an optional accessory with the machine on request.

    • There is a rigid and heavy metallic base plate used for fabrication of the machine.
    • The dart holder is electromagnetic in natures and has a strong holding power.
    • The administration of releasing the dart is performed with a single push button operation.
    • The machine is best for accurate and fast testing with different heights of fall.
    • There is a blue, and the grey paint finish is given to the machine along with chrome plating that helps in prevention of corrosion.

    Related Standards

    • IS 2508 – 1984 – For low-Density Polythene films.


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