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Cobb Sizing Tester for Kenya


The packaging materials have to bear a lot of pressure and are used in different working conditions. One of the major threats to the quality of the packaging is moisture of water. The moisture can damage the packaging which eventually can damage the product inside. In order to ensure that the packaging material can survive the moist condition without damage, the manufacturers need to test the water absorbency of the packaging materials. The Cobb Sizing Tester for Kenya offered by Presto is a major testing instrument that is used by Packaging industry to test the water absorbency of the materials such as paper and corrugated boxes.

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Presto is a prominent supplier and exporter of Cobb Sizing Tester for Kenya that has been used in the majority of the packaging industries to test the water absorbency of packaging materials such as packaging boards, corrugated fiber sheets, paper, and cardboard. The instrument is made from high-grade stainless steel that offers long life and robust performance to the machine. The appliance can be easily operated with a single handed operation and does not require any special training. There is a heavy compressing roller supplied with the device that is used for squeezing the extra water from the specimen after the test.

The machine complies with the essential quality testing standards set by various national as well as international industries. The device is supplied to the clients along with a conformance certificate and a user guide for easy operation.

    • The device is manufactured using high-grade materials like stainless steel and mild steel.
    • The area of sample placement is fabricated with high-quality stainless steel.
    • There is a cork sheet that is supplied with the machine and has a diameter of 14 cm.
    • The fixture at which the sample is placed provided with the machine has a diameter of 14 cm.
    • The inner depth of the specimen placing fixture given with the device is 11.5 cm.
    • The fixture has two different water level markings on the inner side at 10 mm and 25 mm.
    • The appliance is also given with a squeezing roller with a weight of 10 kilograms.

    • The apparatus is designed to be operated with a single handed operation.
    • It is ideal for testing the water absorbency of various different materials such as paper, cardboard, corrugated fiber sheets and so forth.
    • An automatic sample hold and release mechanism is equipped with the machine.
    • The sample placement procedure for the machine is very fast.

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