Why Is Carbon Black Content Apparatus Used In Plastic Industries?

Why Is Carbon Black Content Apparatus Used In Plastic Industries?

What is Carbon Black Apparatus?

Carbon black content apparatus is the best testing machine which is used to ascertain the actual percentage of carbon black content present in plastic and polyethylene materials. The testing machine is used to determine the amount of carbon raised in the material in its free state.

Why is the apparatus used in plastic industries?

It is a very essential and protective test method which is performed to test the efficiency of polyethylene materials. It helps to measure the quality of the test sample in a static atmosphere which works in accordance with the gravimetric difference. The glass of the lab instrument is designed and constructed using the best quality of alloys to preserve the untimely fusions. The temperature of the machine is controlled by built-in electronic controllers to avoid practically for better temperature stability. The testing machine is widely used in PET & Preform, and plastic products manufacturing industries to ascertain the quality and strength of plastics. The testing machine is designed & manufactured keeping in mind certain standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities such as IS 4984, IS2530 and ASTM D 1603.

Specifications of Carbon Black Content Apparatus

The carbon black content apparatus is equipped with a horizontal furnace which is constructed using mild steel material. The range of the furnace to heat it can be set maximum up to 115oC. It is a law watt of heater that implicates the long life and durability of the furnace. Also, it is designed with a PID controller that helps to set the temperature up to +/-5oC. It is incorporated in a nitrogen flow meter along with the glass parts. Apart from this, two flasks can hold the solid ice firmly. The testing machine is provided to the customers with the combustion tubes and boats that are made up of quartz glass. The quality of this glass is far better than the borosil glass that can easily bear high temperatures. The device is also provided with some additional accessories such as Combustion boat, Rotometer, Glass traps – 3 nos., Combustion tube, Desiccator, Glass U Tube, Glass end caps 2 nos. that  make the working of the apparatus easy.