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Types of Peel Tests Conducted On Adhesives

Peel strength tester is one of the best methods that is used in the industries for analyzing the strength and efficiency of the adhesives that are used for packaging of different products. The test method is best for ensuring that the adhesive is best for a particular application or not. The test procedure is performed with the help of a testing instrument called peel strength tester. The instrument offers the most accurate analysis of the strength of the adhesives used in industries.

There are three types of peel tests conducted on the adhesives to test the strength and efficiency of the adhesives that are used in industries. These three types of Peel tests include the T-peel tests, 900 peel test, and 1800 peel test.

T-Peel Test

The T-peel test is a certain type of tensile test which is used for testing the force required for separating the two flexible adhesives bonded together. In this type of test, the specimen is prepared with two open ends. The two ends are fixed in the grips. After that, the grips are moved away from each other. When the grips are separated, the substrates are peeled off from each other. The load cell of the instruments measures the force that is applied to the substrates.

900 Peel test

In the 900 Peel test, the test specimen is placed on a rigid substrate, and the open end of the adhesive is placed in the grip. After that, the grip is separated apart. This causes the adhesives to peel off from the substrate to which it is applied. The load cell present in the instrument measures the amount of load applied to the adhesive. In this test methods, the force applied is perpendicular to the direction of the peeling of the adhesive.

1800 Peel Test

This test is also conducted same as the 900 test. The only difference between two is that in this test, the direction of application of the force to the adhesive is in the same line as the direction of the peeling of the adhesive.

The Peel strength tester offered by Presto is a highly advanced testing instrument that is used in different industries for testing the efficiency of the adhesives with great accuracy and precious.

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