Test The Impact Of Free-Falling Dart On Plastic Films

Test The Impact Of Free-Falling Dart On Plastic Films

Plastic films are widely used for various purposes in different industries. The biggest use of these plastic films is in the packaging industry. The films are used for shrink wrap, bubble wrap and so forth. When the plastic films are used for packaging of products, it is essential for the films to be strong enough to provide the best protection to the products packaged within. One of the biggest and major forces that a plastic film has to bear is from freely falling weights. The freely falling weight can actually damage the plastic films and hence ruin the whole packaging of a product. The dart impact test method is one of the major testing methods that are used for testing the strength of the films and their ability to bear impact from a freely falling dart.

How can the Resistance of Free-Falling Dart be Tested?

The dart impact tester is a widely used instrument in different packaging industries where it is used for testing the strength of the plastic films and is best for testing the ability of the film to withstand the various forces levied on it.

How the instrument is designed?

The device is assembled with an electromagnetic dart hold/release mechanism to avoid any type of interference in force exertion. As per the standards, the electromagnetic mechanism can hold a weight of up to 2 kg. Various models of Dart Impact Tester are provided by the manufacturers such as analogue model or digital model that helps in determining the numbers of falls performed in a single test. The device is designed with the dual clamping feature that is best for providing wrinkle free clamping of the test specimen. Moreover, it is intended with a shielding that prevents the dart from bouncing back out of the machine upon impact.

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