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Role of Fume Hood for Laboratory Space

Laboratory experiments deals with hazardous chemicals, and deliver dangerous, poisonous smoke and fumes. Though the operators always take precautions by using masks to cover their face, hair hands etc. but how much of safety does these masks can provide when you are encountering with hazardous fumes.

The chemicals in solid or liquid form can be still avoidable to have a contact with your skin or entry inside the body but the most dangerous are the fumes which can pass the cloth mask and enter inside the nostrils and mix within the blood. Situations like these can be avoided by conducting such hazardous test inside the Fume Hood.

The chamber is a type of a ventilation system which allows the fumes to pass away from the user. It delivers complete protection against toxic fumes, vapours and dust. It also protects the operator from chemical spills, accidental reactions and fire situation by acting as a physical barrier. Equipped with a provision of inside light source. The front opening is composed of strong and high-grade glass material. Using a counterbalance method, user can adjust the height of the glass barrier as it moved in sliding motion.

The entire construction is done using 304 grade stainless steel material for a long time run. Along with this features like, SS sink, water tap and water outlet is also delivered. Equipped with a fluorescent light and a centrifugal motorized fan for rapid clearance of fumes. The fume hood allows sample viewing with ceramic glazed work table and bright lighting conditions.

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