Perform Sterilization on Variable Materials with the Hot Air Oven

Perform Sterilization on Variable Materials with the Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Oven

Materials used in the final goods' production process are often tested upon variable climatic conditions to assess whether these materials are durable enough to withstand extreme climatic conditions. Performing such durability tests is necessary to evaluate the uncertainties & durability of materials as the products in which they are utilized are circulated all across the globe. Due to the diverse & extreme climatic conditions, the manufacturers have to make sure that these products do not compromise their functioning.

Majorly these materials are tested upon extreme heat conditions in the microbiology lab to evaluate the reactions depicted by materials when treated under elevated temperatures. Performing these tests precisely and accurately over & over again can be a bit of a hassle for manufacturers hailing from different industries.

To solve this issue for manufacturers, the Presto Group has come up with a lab testing instrument as a manufacturing aid that solves the issue of consistent thermal testing under a controlled atmosphere. The instrument is widely known as the hot air oven. The instrument is trusted by manufacturers & operators from different industries due to its uniform heating and accuracy-driven results.

It is mandatory to understand the working mechanism before digging deep into the specifications & features of the instrument.

Functioning Process of the Hot Air Oven Principle

The laboratory hot air oven streamlines the testing process by making it extremely simplistic which has been possible due to the ergonomic dynamics of the instrument.

To perform the task, the first step is to place the specimen inside the testing chamber and the operator must make sure that the sample is placed precisely on either of the two sample adjustment plates.

Once the specimen is placed correctly, the operator must close the door firmly and lock it with the door handle locking mechanism to ensure maximum insulation and eradicate all sorts of intervention of the external atmosphere as it may hamper the test results.

The operator can now adjust the temperature of the inner chamber with the help of the PID-based temperature controller on the control panel, the operator can also adjust the time of the conduction of the test. This will allow the instrument to automatically cut off supply once the test is completed.

Once the temperature and testing timer are adjusted by the operator, the highly advanced and top-quality heaters inside the testing chamber ensure the elevation of the temperature inside the oven adeptly. Along with the high-quality heaters, the oven is also equipped with a German-made fan which is installed to ensure the uniform heating of the specimen from all around.

After the hot air oven achieves the adjusted time, the instrument automatically turns off & the operator can take out the specimen to analyze the changes that occurred due to the thermal stability.

For ex. The materials or specimens that are tested with a hot air oven are concerned with industries like pharmaceuticals, food & perishable products as well as other consumable products. These products are sterilized with the help of the hot air oven and that is how the instrument functions and delivers precise test results by aiding manufacturers.

The instrument conducts the hot air oven principle with such seamlessness due to the top-notch features inculcated inside it during the production process to enhance the ergonomics of the laboratory hot air oven.

Key Attributes of the Hot Air Oven

The instrument is enriched with high-quality features as they are necessary for the pharmaceutical, food & other industries in which the instrument is utilized.  

The most outstanding feature of the instrument is the inculcation of the heaters integrated with the German-made fan that ensures the elevation of temperatures with an extreme effect and uniform heating around the specimen respectively.

Another high-end feature of the instrument is its control panel which is an amalgamation of a rotary switch as well as feather touch controls that promote the single-handed sterilization process and aid the operator adjust the temperature as well as the timer indicated on the microprocessor-based digital display.

The instrument is equipped with an amazing feature of automatic cut-off that allows the operator to perform other chores while the testing is underway as the device automatically turns off once the adjusted timer is achieved.

The door locking mechanism of the instrument enhances thermal stability by providing 100% insulation inside the testing chamber and allowing the operator to firmly close the door and cut off any exchange of the inner atmosphere with the external atmosphere. This enhances the accuracy levels of the sterilization process.

The instrument is with durable material that enhances the longevity of the hot air oven. The equipment is made with stainless steel & mild steel that is covered with 7-layered powder paint to avoid environmental phenomena like rusting & corrosion.

The equipment also offers a dual plate assembly inside the testing chamber to allow the operator to place two specimens at the same time or adjust the specimen as per its size & requirement.

Before you get your hands on the top-notch hot air oven, it is necessary to keep track of the specifications of the instrument.

Specifications of the Hot Air Oven

·       The size of the hot air oven is 455 mm X 455 mm X 455 mm.

·       The highest temperature of the instrument’s heaters is up to 250 degrees Celsius.

·       The testing time can go up to 999 hrs.

·       The instrument is also equipped with two adjustable shelves for sample placement

·      Materials used are mild steel & stainless steel across the body line.

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