Perforate The Packets Using Perforation Force Measurement Solutions

Perforate The Packets Using Perforation Force Measurement Solutions

Perforation is the widely used technique by the manufacturers in paper and packaging industries. Perforation means the small holes that are made on the ends of the two packets to separate the packets easily. The manufacturers in packaging industries perform the process of perforation test on the packets to measure the minimum force which is required to separate the packets from the perforated area easily. The test procedure can be carried out with the help of high quality of testing machine i.e. Perforation Tester. It is the best and highly effective tests solution which measure the minimum strength that can separate the products from the perforated areas.

Perforation Test – Best to Examine the Elongation Strength

The method of perforation is used to examine the elongation strength or force of the thermoplastic films which is required to separate the films. This test method is utilized by the Perforation tester to calculate the force which is necessary to perforate a film. Apart from the perforation films, an elongation is read from the stress-strain curve which is created with the results of the testing machine. The results of the perforation test are then compared with the conventional tensile test. The perforation method tests the small samples to carry out the test with the testing machine.


Perforation Force Measurement Solution by Presto

Presto Stantest manufactures the best quality of Perforation Tester to measure the minimum elongation strength to separate the packets. The machine is intended as per the standards that are provided by recognized authorities. For more information on the device, visit: