Snap Attachment Strength Test on Textiles for Quality Determination

Snap Attachment Strength Test on Textiles for Quality Determination

Requirement of Textile Testing

With the day by day increasing demand of Quality Products by the customers, it has become must for the manufacturers to test the quality of the products at every level of production. Same is happening in textile industries. Demand of quality products in textile industries is growing at an increasing rate as customers have become more aware of the quality of the change in fashion. That’s why to enhance the business; manufacturers are focusing only on producing Quality goods.

Test Methods for Quality Determination of Textiles


There are numerous test methods that must be performed to gauge the quality of the textile materials like:

  • Snap attachment test of the garments,
  • Color fastness,
  • Metamerism,
  • Tear strength test,
  • Flammability test and many more.

Snap Attachment Strength Test on Garments


Out of the above-mentioned problems, testing the snap attachment strength is a major concern which is tested only at the time of designing and production of the garment. The snap attachment strength of a material can be determined with the help of Snap Button Pullout Tester. The tester is used to ascertain the quality of the snap of a button.

Presto’s Snap Button Pullout Tester

Presto offers two models of Snap Button Pullout tester namely, analogue model and computerised model. The test on Presto’s Snap Button Pullout test is performed by placing a sample of the garment which is duly attached to a button on the clamp. Now pull out the button, which is fixed on the fabric, with the help of the top flywheel which is mounted on the stand of the testing equipment with a determined force. The instrument will record and display the strength, required to pull out the component.