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Match The Colors And Shades Of Fabrics In Different Illumination

Want to solve the problem of Metamerism? Inspect the color quality of products in various lighting conditions. But, how is it possible? Well, Presto’s Color Matching Cabinet provides the solution for the same. The instrument helps to measure the color difference in the specimen by observing them in different lightening conditions.

Colors look different under different lighting conditions. If you use a color matching cabinet to inspect the actual difference in the colors, the instrument will help you to mark the difference. The device is assembled with the light cabinet where the user can do a visual inspection of garments, fabrics, textiles, clothes, leathers and so on. It matches the specimen’s color in a closed environment to reduce the interference of external lights in the cabinet. The instrument is assembled with six different lights as per the light spectrum of different regions. It is an extremely appropriate device for measuring the color quality of yarn, fabrics, garments, papers, plastics and many more. The device helps to examine the change in the color by using the gray scale at the time of colorfastness test.

How Color Matching Cabinet works?

The testing machine provides a large viewing area which is duly installed with multiple sources of light or lamps that efficiently detects the phenomenon of metamerism. The sample is placed inside the viewing area under one light source will appear different in color when subjected to another source of light. To approve the quality of the fabrics, the material has to go through various sources of light such as artificial daylight, cool white light, tungsten filament light, ultraviolet black light, TL-84.This inspection helps to conclude the color vibrancy and quality appropriately.

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