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Make Your Products Rust Proof

There are various properties that make the metal products corroded like the presence of moisture or rain on the metals or humid environment, acidic components like salt and due to the presence of pollutants in the air. It is necessary to perform corrosion testing on the metal goods, To make the metal and other related products rust proof. It is a well-known method that every manufacturer follows, who deals in producing metal goods. The corrosion testing can be done with the help of various tests like Salt Spray test, Cast Iron Chip test. Out of the endless list of tests, Salt Spray testing is the best one. The test is performed widely in automotive industries, metal industries, nut and bolts industries to test the quality of metals and ferrous alloys.

Presto Stantest offers three models of Salt Spray Chamber namely CASS Cum Salt Spray Tester, Salt Spray Eco Model and Salt Spray Korrox III model. The superior model offered by Presto i.e. Korrox III model provides the temperature range from ambient to 60 Degree Celsius. The instrument is provided in three different sizes of tanks of 250 litres, 450 litres, and 600 litres. The instrument offers highly accurate results and reliable test results in various formats like the digital format and graphical format. The device is provided in different specification to fulfil the requirements of a vast number of customers.

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