Maintain Color Quality of Packaging Using Color Measurement Device

Maintain Color Quality of Packaging Using Color Measurement Device

Color plays an important role in marketing products. A powerful marketing tool that affects consumer purchases in various aspects. Nearly all the products that are sold now a days have colorful facades. So, choosing the right colors has an enormous impact on product sales. Usage of colors in the packing of products, how colors earn brand image to a product, how colors help marketers to communicate the brand to customers and how to match colors with customer’s personality are some of the points need to be referenced. Roughly 62% to 90% decisions of the customer are based on color. 85% of consumers listed color as the main reason to buy a particular product.

Color of packaging plays an important role to help customers make apart one company product from other. Selection of colors and color combinations is an important process to create a good design package. Color is the key element of design as it is clear, bright and memorable. The package color influence the consumer’s ability to recognise a product.  95% of consumer’s decision making is determined by the subconscious and approximately 5% is rational. Manufacturers of packaging must ensure up to date marketing research on color in order to make the best decisions for the company.

Color Matching Booth assesses color for all industries to maintain color consistency and quality. It is widely used in footwear, printing, packaging, automotive, inks, foodstuffs, leather, and knitwear etc. industries to check color quality. D65, CWF, UV, TL84, U30 light sources are used for this light box.

The instrument is used to maintain the quality of the product and measures color consistency. The machine gives a standardised environment for visual assessment and for measuring color. Based on the principle of metamerism, the test sample is placed under one source of light and seems different when analysed under another source. To gauge the effect of various lights on a product, the testing instrument is highly beneficial to be used.

You can avail Color Matching Light Box in three different models according to the light sources of Asia, Europe and the USA. The instrument adheres to ISO and ASTM standards.

Color Matching Cabinet spectrum USA is a reliable tool to assess visually and evaluate colors. It is widely used in laboratories and industries to maintain quality and color consistency of a sample to detect the phenomenon of metamerism. The color evaluation of small samples, this equipment which is made according to American buyers with feather touch chip based control, is very useful. It can be used to compare standards and sample in a color-neutral environment.