How To Install A Water Bath Digital Model In Three Easy Steps?

How To Install A Water Bath Digital Model In Three Easy Steps?

Water Bath Digital Model

The Presto hot water bath digital testing instrument is designed to test the behavior of materials in hot water. This machine is widely used in the industry to check the durability of materials in hot water. With this machine, you can easily test the behavior of materials in hot water. The machine is easy to operate, and it is very reliable. With this machine, you can easily check the durability of materials in hot water.

This lab testing instrument has been made in accordance to test the behavior of materials in hot water under uniform conditions. It comes with an HMI based touch screen display that will be installed for an advanced user-friendly experience. Besides this, it comes with a water drainage facility to drain out water after sample testing. We at Presto will provide you with this lab testing equipment at affordable prices.

If you have already purchased this lab testing equipment and are still finding difficulty in the installation of this machine, then we have a solution for you. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about how you can easily install a water bath digital model in three easy steps. But before that, we will focus on brief information about the water bath digital and for what purpose it will be used.

Introduction about water bath digital model and for what purpose it will be used?

The Presto water bath digital is digital testing equipment, where both the inside and outside are made with a high-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel finish with a digital temperature controller. It comes with machine controls that make it easy for you to determine the accuracy of temperature of ±10 degrees C. This lab testing equipment is duly fitted with a stirrer motor that helps to maintain a uniform temperature in the water bath throughout the volume of water. The speed of the motor can be regulated easily with the help of a speed regulator, provided on the control panel.

The main purpose of using the water bath digital model is to maintain the required temperature to perform hot water laboratory testing. It comes with different production verticals that will be helpful in examining the effect of hot water on the sample.

In several laboratories, HOT water will be used for multiple research purposes to make it easier for you to perform hot water testing. You can easily read about the applications of hot water bath digital and assess the behavior of your products in hot water.

Features and technical specifications of Presto hot water bath digital model

A digital water bath offered by Presto is easily helpful in testing the behavior of materials in hot water for a longer period of time. It comes with an in-built calibration facility and many other features that make it unique for testing. Below we have listed the features of Presto water bath digital.

  • Highly accurate test results under uniform temperature in the chamber
  • Advanced microprocessor-based PID temperature module
  • Provision of Set Value (SV) and Process Value(PV) on the temperature display
  • HMI-based touchscreen display
  • Equipped with rapid heaters for uniform and homogenous heating and maintaining the temperature inside the chamber
  • The integral water drain system
  • Inbuilt Calibration feature with reference to master PID controller
  • Setting to RTD PT-100 sensor through advanced PID controller
  • Stirrer motor for the precise stirring of the sample inside the tank and for uniformity of temperature
  • Speed regulator for controlling the speed of the stirrer
  • USB port to the data record

Technical Specifications of Presto hot water bath digital model

  • Inner size: L 455 x W 455 x H 455 mm
  • Display: HMI-based touchscreen
  • Accuracy: ± 2°C
  • Least Count/Resolution: 1°C
  • Power: 15A, 220V, Single phase, 50 Hz
  • Water circulation motor type: Stirrer Motor
  • Water drain: 1/4 ball valve
  • Temperature Range: Up to 90°C
  • Heater: 1.5 kW x 2 nos.
  • Communication port: USB

With these features and technical specifications, it will be easy for you to determine the behavior of materials in hot water.

Install water bath digital with three easy steps:

  • Remove the packing and place it on a flat surface preferably a concrete shelf.
  • The single-phase socket should be near the Digital Water Bath.
  • Place the machine at a distance of 1 ft. clear from the wall.

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