What is a digital water bath and for what purpose it will be used?

What is a digital water bath and for what purpose it will be used?

In the plastic industry, the need for some the products like PVC pipes, exhaust pipes, etc. has been vast. Thus, performing hot water testing in these areas is important to make sure that they can withstand high temperatures. We at Presto will provide you with one of the high-quality lab testing instruments known as water bath digital.  This is one of the lab testing instruments that are helpful in testing the specimen in hot water. 

This lab testing instrument is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. This is because the machine can maintain a consistent temperature, which is essential for incubating biological samples. Additionally, it is also equipped with a humidity control system, which prevents the samples from drying out. This is especially important for delicate samples that cannot be exposed to direct heat. As a result, the testing machine is an essential testing instrument for any biological lab.

Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with brief information about Presto digital water bath and for what purpose you can use this lab testing instrument. So, let us get started!

Introduction about water bath digital

The hot water bath digital testing machine has been designed to incubate the samples in water at a constant temperature. Presto hot water bath digital model is a standardized lab testing equipment that is helpful in performing hot water laboratory testing. Presto’s Digital Water Bath is a high-quality testing machine that is rectangular in shape. The inner part and the outer body of the machine are made of rust-resistant stainless steel. The lab testing instrument is equipped with a digital temperature controller that maintains the temperature of the water bath with an accuracy of ±10 degrees C. The digital water bath is easy to use and comes with a user manual. 

This lab testing equipment comes with a digital automated solution instigator that makes it easy for you to perform laboratory testing. Below we have listed the features and technical specifications of this lab testing equipment.

Features of Presto hot water bath digital

The Presto hot water bath digital has been made with a rigid base plate and elegantly placed with an autumn gray and blue combination, along with bright chrome zinc plating to give this testing instrument a corrosion-resistant finish. Below we have listed the features of this lab testing equipment.

The equipment is built on a rigid metal base plate and elegantly painted with Autumn Gray & Blue combination along with bright chrome or zinc plating to give it a rust-resistant finish.

  • The testing instrument comes complete with a user guide and; a conformance certificate perceptible to NABL-approved Labs.
  • Temperature controls through PT-100 sensor
  • Highly accurate test results under uniform temperatures in the chamber
  • Advanced Digital Microprocessor based PID based temperature controller
  • Provision of Set Value(SV) and Process Value(PV) on the temperature display
  • Inbuilt Auto tuning function
  • Bright LED display
  • Equipped with rapid heaters for uniform and homogenous heating and maintaining the temperature inside the chamber
  • The integral water drain system
  • Inbuilt Calibration features with reference to master PID controller
  • Setting to RTD PT-100 sensors through advanced PID controller
  • Stirrer motor for the precise stirring of the sample inside the tank and for uniformity of temperature
  • Speed regulator for controlling the speed of the stirrer

Technical Specifications of Presto hot water bath digital

  • The inner dimension of the machine is 18 inches x18 inches x18 inches. (Customized Sizes Available)
  • The instrument can be operated at a temperature of Up to 90ºC with an accuracy of ±2°C.
  • The machine is duly fitted with a digital preset timer with the reading up to 999 hours for setting the time and for the auto cut facility (as an optional accessory).
  • It requires power consumption of 220 V Single phase, 50 Hz for working efficiently.
  • Display: LED (Digital)
  • Least Count/Resolution: 1ºC
  • Motor Type: Stirrer Motor
  • Motor Capacity: 1/5 HP

With these features and technical specifications, it will be easy for you to test the materials at different specific temperatures. The main purpose of using this testing instrument is to examine the effect of hot water on the sample. You can easily conduct the free demo of using this testing equipment just by calling us at +91-9210903903 or emailing us at info@prestogroup.com. Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your queries.