How Melt Flow Index of plastics affected by Moisture Content?

How Melt Flow Index of plastics affected by Moisture Content?

Melt Flow Index of plastics

When you manufacture the products then you must urge to provide the best quality to your customers. This not only increases your brand reputation among your customers but also added customer trust to your brand. Therefore, you must test the material before shipping or delivering it to your customers. One of the effective testing instruments is the melt flow index tester designed by Presto that will help you to test the flow rate of polymer or plastic. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about how the MFI value will be affected by the moisture content. So, read this blog till the end to get knowledge about it.

The melt flow index tester from Presto has been equipped with several advanced features that will ease your work for delivering quality products to your customers. If you are working in the plastic industry, then you must have an idea about the melt flow index of plastic. It is considered to be an important property that indicates the ease of flow of melted plastics.

MFI value is dependable on many kinds of parameters of materials like molecular structure, chemical bonding, and many others. But do you know that this index value can be affected by moisture? Yes, this is true! If the moisture content will be removed inadequately from the product then it will cause degradation in susceptible polymers and plastics. You can take the help of a melt flow index tester from Presto Testing Instruments to know about the MFI rate properties of a material.

We have discussed a brief about how MFI value will get affected with this testing instrument. This MFI test will be done following a standardized method.

Moisture effect on melt flow index of plastics

In certain polymers, there will be no cosmetic effect on materials when these polymers absorb some moisture. But in others, there will be a reaction that takes place between the polymers as well as moisture which in turn will rupture the molecular structure of these polymers. The chemical bonding of atoms will also be affected when the moisture gets absorbed by the plastics or polymers.

With this effect, the melt flow index value will go down. This value can easily be tested with the help of a melt flow index tester from Presto Testing Instruments. It is considered to be the best instrument that will be helpful in determining the value of the melt flow index with accurate testing results.

This melt flow index tester machine has standard accessories that will be used to conduct MFI tests. So, you can rely on this testing equipment to determine the MFI value.

Presto Testing Instruments manufactures various models of MFI tester. It includes the deluxe model, next-generation model, Win series, and MFR model. These models are different from each other and provide advanced features that will give you accurate results of testing. You can choose any of the models of melt flow index tester from Presto according to your needs and requirements.

The deterioration-resistant finish of these models will make them useful for a longer time. When you purchase an MFI tester from Presto Testing Instruments then you will get a complete instruction guide and assistance from our skilled team so that you will never face any difficulty while testing.


Here we have discussed brief information about how moisture can affect the MFI value of plastics and polymers. Now you get an idea about its effect and you should maintain adequate moisture in your products. So, to check the MFI value, you can easily make use of a melt flow index tester from Presto Testing Instruments. We are a leading supplier of testing instruments that provides you these instruments at the best prices. Do not wait for too long. Give quality products to your customers by testing them with our testing instruments. For more product information, you can simply visit the product information page or directly call us. We will provide you with the right guidance and also give you a chance to test your sample for free.