Guarantee Paper Strength by evaluating Moisture with the Moisture Meter

Guarantee Paper Strength by evaluating Moisture with the Moisture Meter

digital moisture meter

Papers are the most prominently utilized material in the world due to their various uses & purposes. Papers are used for scripting texts, packaging products, labeling products, etc. All the uses of paper are an integral part of civilization. Papers are made from trees, and due to the variability in tree types, the quality also differs hugely. Each & every quality of paper has a dedicated utilization, for example, a good quality paper is used in the production process of corrugated sheets & thus corrugated boxes or cartons, whereas thin layered paper is used in textbooks for recording scripted texts.

Due to the different properties of papers & their working purposes respectively, it becomes crucial for manufacturers from the paper industry to evaluate & assess the paper quality and use them in the production process accordingly to avoid losses. These papers are tested against various standards & durability but the foremost aspect is to evaluate the moisture levels of a paper.

Determining the moisture level of a paper is the most important & foremost step to be undertaken by the manufacturer to lay a foundation for conducting further tests as well as performing additional tasks. The Presto Group has come up with an outstanding lab testing equipment, called the digital moisture meter. The instrument is made with extreme precision and accuracy to evaluate the moisture content of a paper and help the operator identify where the paper is best suited in the production process of different products.

The digital moisture meter is famous for its advanced and handheld working mechanism that promotes single-handed testing & delivers quick test results within no or minimal time. You can read more on the guide for performing moisture tests on the specimen. 

Working Module of the Digital Moisture Meter  

The handheld moisture meter has not just attracted but has also gained the trust of manufacturers from the paper industry due to its portable build that allows an operator or manufacturer to conduct the moisture analysis test with absolute facile and achieve accurate & desired results within no time.

To conduct the moisture analysis, it is important to make sure that the specimen being tested does not exceed the width of 3.8 mm as it may hamper the test results and its accuracy standards.

After the specimen is prepared, the operator can simply remove the protection cap from the two testing electrode pins for conductivity. The cover over these pins secures the instrument from getting contaminated or damaged as these two electrode pins are the most key aspect of the digital moisture meter.

The operator can now simply adjust the specimen by profiling it into the handheld moisture meter that will run the specimen through the pass/ fail criteria as adjusted by the operator.

After the adjustments are made and the specimen is profiled as per the requirements of the customer and the guidelines of the designated standards, the operator can insert the two electrode pins inside the surface of the specimen and press the ‘measure’ button to conduct the analysis.

The results of the test are indicated on the highly advanced LCD screen of the instrument with a label of pass/ fail as per the adjustments made. The screen determines the moisture percentage present in the specimen.  

The simplistic working module along with a portable build provided by the moisture meter manufacturer in India has enhanced the supply of the instrument in not only the paper manufacturing industry but various other industries for checking the paper quality as well. There are certain features of the instrument that make it a high-selling & trusted lab testing equipment that is worth giving a look at.

Key Attributes of the Moisture Meter

The moisture meter manufacturer in India has made the product feature-enriched to ensure ease of testing and the highest levels of accuracy & precision while conducting the test.   

The most top-notch feature of the instrument is the automatic battery shutdown attribute as it helps the operator to perform repeated testing without worrying about charging the equipment again & again, it saves huge chunks of battery by turning the device off after the conduction of the test.

Another feature that has captured the attention of paper manufacturers is the memory feature as the instrument can accumulate up to 100 previous readings, allowing the operator to keep track of data and conduct analysis by comparison method.

The feather touch controls imbibed in the digital moisture meter contribute towards the encouragement of single-handed and quick testing. These buttons enable the operator to conduct the test without any hassle and reach the desired results as quickly as possible.

The handheld construction of the device is a top-notch feature in itself as it allows the operator & the manufacturer to perform the moisture determination test and analyze the results of the assessment.

There are several questions that are asked by manufacturers regarding the working of the lab testing equipment that are necessary to be answered.

FAQs Regarding the Digital Moisture Meter

Ques. What is the testing range for analyzing the moisture content of the instrument?

Ans.  The instrument can analyze the moisture levels that fall in the percentage of 9% to 30%, any error in the test indicates to the out-of-range moisture meters.

Ques. What battery is used in the production of the digital moisture meter and is it chargeable?

Ans. The batteries used in the production process of the digital moisture meter are chargeable for consistent usage. They are equipped with a 12V, 6 amp. Generative output with an SMF technology.

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