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Get Testing Equipment For Checking The Rubber Or Elastomer Materials

Elastomer testing equipment is important to test the various types of elastomers for a variety of industries, applications, and objectives. The material properties are vital for the different industries such as automotive, aerospace, marine, etc. Elastomer or rubber has elasticity quality that allows them to return to their original shape after being stretched or bent. The Resiliency is another feature of elastomer that means the speed of recovery after removal of the deforming force. Elastomers have good electrical and thermal insulation, low permeability to gases, water, and steam as well as mechanical properties. The elastomers are used for several purpose like gaskets, tires, hoses, belts, rubber bands, adhesives, rubber gloves, safety airbags, etc. The rubber products are also used in mineral processing, paper processing, transportation, etc. The military and aerospace industries use rubbers for petroleum-based fuels.

 The elastomers are made of polymers that are attached by chemical bonds. There is various testing equipment that checks the quality of elastomers.

  • The tensile tests are performed to evaluate the tensile strength. The rubber dumbbell shaped specimens are placed with proper grips. When loads are applied to rubber, elongation and thickness decreased. Pneumatic parallel grippers are recommended to use. A best quality tensile tester can evaluate the precise tensile value.
  • The ash content of vulcanized rubber is determined using muffle furnace. The percentage of fillers in rubber compounds is calculated. A know the weight of the compound is heated in the furnace to a specific temperature to measure the weight of the residual ash. The ash content is then further analyzed for determining the inorganic sulphur and absence of antimony.
  • The laboratory hot air oven is used to check the various properties of elastomer or rubbers at high temperatures, such as heat resistance, compression set, and hot deformation to determine the aging and hot information.
  • The hardness testers are designed to measure the rubber hardness to check the products made of rubbers. The testing is performed to evaluate the indentation hardness of various products like cellular products to rigid plastics. The tool checks the elastomers for penetration hardness.
  • The DIN abrasion tester evaluates the abrasion resistance of natural or synthetic rubbers, vulcanized thermoset, amorphous polymers, etc. The device is focused on checking the frictional wear of belts, tires, and shoe soles. The rubber quantity is reduced at the time of testing to get the abrasion value.
  • The IRHD rubber hardness tester determines the hardness of rubber. Hardness is a basic property that must be calculated before manufacturing the products.

The Elastomer testing equipment for testing the quality of rubber or elastomer are available in extensive range by different manufacturers. However, Presto is the reliable name you can trust on to check the rubber materials.

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