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Get Easy Operation & Precision in Soda Bottle Cap Seal Test

Soda bottles are composed of high-quality PET material to assure that the compressed pressure is carried over the time and do not disturb the inside content composition. However, the closure system of Soda bottles also plays an important role in securing the seal integrity. Therefore it is important to check and detect the quality flaws of plastic caps using an efficient testing equipment.

Secure Seal Tester is ahi-tech innovation in the field of closure test equipments. It is used to conduct soda bottle cap seal test for numerous beverage industries. It can evaluate the leakage in closure seals to minute level and assess the seal integrity. Used in industries or even research abs to set a selection criteria over the caps and filter those which have zero leakage and show high seal capacity. Equipment operates at a pressure of 175 PSI in compressed air form. The entire operation and management system is based upon microprocessor programs. The software program ensures that the amount of force applied and the air released in water during the process is detected and converted in numeric value with high precision.

Automated sample test process can be conducted using the easy pressure release mechanism. This way human efforts becomes zero at the time of test process. And chances of errors becomes zero. User can set pressure value, inlet pressure, and time duration for the test process using the digital operation area. The area is installed along with a digital read put screen with bright LED light for a more clear vision even in low lighting conditions. Equipment can be tuned as per the test requirement. It can be done using the in-house calibration feature of the machine. Or else you can use the standard setting of the equipment. The pressure modifications are easily monitored using the display screen. The test data can also be seen ‘live’ during the test.

High-grade tensile Plexiglass is used in building the chamber body. Other remaining part is composed of anodized aluminium. USP of the equipment that it shows the leakage in the form of gas not liquid. This way the detection becomes more accurate and easy. For more information, you may read our article on Importance of Secure Seal Test for Pet Bottles.

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