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Evaluate Impact Resistance of Films with High Accuracy

The falling dart technology is a unique test method which is used for a long time in the industry. The method is for estimating the strength of the plastic material when experiencing an impact of a free falling weight. The machine used for the test is constructed as per various testing standards worldwide. The test offers a single dart holder with electromagnetic controls, a fixed drop height as per the standards, and weights of the distinct amount. The machine is specially designed to conduct standard testing modes and ensure the exact impact value of plastic films.

Therefore, it is necessary for the manufacturers to consider the test requirement of the materials to understand the specifications of the apparatus so that best testing device can be selected out of the available options. In this post, we will learn more about Dart Impact Tester and the related the standardized test.

The free-falling dart impact test is conducted to evaluate the resistance power of PET plastic films.  The packaging foils or films are most used commodity of the market. They are used to wraps cooked, uncooked or semi-cooked food items. They are used for packing sauces, like tomato or other mixtures.

They are used in the pharma industry for packing the medical devices as well. So you can see how critical its applications are. Therefore it is very vital to test the plastic films with a unique set of instrument and dart impact tester is the one which can be perfect for it. It is very natural to have this type of situations where the plastic film can experience damages due to a free-falling weight. Maybe something from the top shelf fall on the packet or it gets impacted by any hard material.

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