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Evaluate Heat Seal Performance of Ionomer Films

Ionomers are of transparent nature and is a thermoplastic elastomers of glass-like clearness, high sturdiness and has exceptional adaptability. They are utilized multiple times as a tie-layer and as an adhesive polymer which gives brilliant attachment to aluminum and other polar substrates and in addition remarkable fixing properties. Imperative food packaging applications incorporate thermoformed pockets, adaptable lidding, vacuum skin package and shape fill-seal pockets. Other imperative applications incorporate surface films and sheets for golf balls, sports hardware, skin and stretchable films, and overmolded bottles. The properties are often checked using Heat sealing machine.

The Heat seal performance of ionomer films relies upon the sealing bar temperature, package line speed, film thickness and properties of the sealant polymers. It is a reliable instrument used to perform sealing process on adaptable packaging items and other thermoplastic materials utilizing pressure and heat by keeping up high temperatures. It is fabricated under different Test Standards, for example, ASTM F 2029.

Microprocessor program based display screen for precise test outcomes. Very precise test results under pneumatic pressure control and management. Single Push button operation. PID temperature controller and timer equipped. Solid heat jaws for performing tests. No slippage in the event that sample is put consistently with no gaps. Brilliant LED display screen for temperature and time duration. PID temperature controller for most elevated amount of controls and repeatability. Digital based Pre-set clock. EN 31 hard and temper sealing jaw material. Guide bar system for effective control of sealing process. Autonomous modification of temperature for upper and lower jaws.

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