Packaging materials in wet working conditions-cobb sizing tester

Analyze The Quality Of Packaging Materials In Wet Working Conditions With Cobb Sizing Tester

Packaging products possesses great importance in today’s industrial world. The packaging products are the need of all the manufacturers in different production houses to pack the goods safely and to maintain the freshness and the quality of the packed products. The quality of the products can be ensured only by using high quality and durable packaging materials. The quality of the packaging products can be guaranteed using best quality assurance strategies and high quality of machines.

The strength of packaging products can be determined by analyzing the properties of the packaging materials. The various properties that explain the quality of the products include compression strength, puncture resistance strength, water absorbency strength, tensile strength, drop strength and so forth. Out of the mentioned properties of packaging products, water resistance property of packaging product ensures the best safety of the products in wet working conditions. If the water-absorbent strength of the packaging materials is more, it will not be considered as the safe material for packaging and vice versa.

This property of packaging products can be tested efficiently with the help of Cobb Sizing Tester. It is the highly effective testing equipment that helps to test the efficiency of the packaging material to absorb sufficient amount of water. The testing device offers highly accurate, repeatable and reliable test results. The instrument is designed in compliance with various national and international quality test standards. For more information on Presto’s Cobb Sizing Testerconsult our experts.