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Conduct Heat Deflection Analysis on Plastics

The heat deflection analysis is a test conducted on plastic materials to see their ability to withstand load in elevated temperatures. The test results obtained are an important indication for judging the relative service temperature of a polymer substance when they are used in load bearing parts. Equipments such as Heat Deformation Tester  are considered to be the ideal set up for conduction heat deflection test.

The equipment is equipped with a precise dial gauge along with a smart indentor tip to detect heat based deflection on the plastic specimen. PID based temperature control for high accuracy in managing and detecting heat changes. The test machine is designed by following various international test standards such as IS 2530-1963, ISO 75-1(2004)-E, ASTM D648-01, ASTM D1525-00.

It is segregated into two units for measuring the Deflection temperature and Vicat Softening temperature of plastic. Can test using both water and silicone oil medium. Microprocessor based digital display for accurate test output. User can even set the machine as per its own industry standard by using the auto calibration facility. The equipment assures that uniform temperature is delivered inside the chamber so that no errors can be introduced in the test process. RTD PT-100 sensor used for high-grade temperature deflection detection.

The entire test cabinet is made using corrosion resistant material for long run performance. Uses faster Guiding Mechanism with plunger rod for best test procedure. Equipped with a stirrer motor to stir up the specimen in the tank for conforming uniformity.

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