Check Quality of Paper Sheets Using Advanced Testing Machine

Check Quality of Paper Sheets Using Advanced Testing Machine

Paper is important in our daily life as it is used for printing, drawing, packaging etc. A paper mill industry makes this paper using the paper pulp. Bursting Strength Tester is used to test the strength of various kinds of paper and paperboard. It is a widely used measurement instrument. It is referred to as the minimum amount of hydrostatic pressure to rapture the paper or paperboard. The pressure is exerted using a rubber diaphragm. The paper property depends upon various things such as chemicals, formation, basis weight and kind of fiber. It gets elevated using long fiber, wet and dry strength additives, sizing chemicals etc. Bursting properties enhances the degree of refining due to fiber bonding improvement. At the same time, it reduces by increased filler materials, secondary fiber and dried pulp. The test can be referred to the Mullen test as it is designed by Mullen. It is one of the oldest methods for testing paper strength.

Various types of Bursting Strength Machine are available in the market such as Bursting Strength tester -analogue, Bursting strength tester- Digital, Bursting Strength tester-Digital and Pneumatic and Bursting Strength tester Digital cum Computerised model with Pneumatic clamping. The tester consists of two clamps i.e. lower clamp and upper clamp. The upper clamp has a diameter of 95 mm with a circular opening 31.5 mm in diameter. The lower clamp has a circular opening of 31.5 mm in diameter. The upper clamp joins with a pivot joint to generate pressure to hold the paper sheet strongly.


  • A sample of the paper sheet is placed between the two clamps by providing pressure on the sample.
  • The pressure is given through the rubber diaphragm and hydraulic pressure until the sample ruptures.
  • The pressure is either created through a motor or rotary pump.
  • Finally, the test result i.e. reading of the pressure is recorded which is represented in kPa (kilo-Pascal)

Bursting strength provides information on the quality of the paper and packaging materials. The stress that a material can withstand after pressure is exerted can be easily determined. Hence, in packaging industries, it is important to detect the bursting strength of paper and paper sheets.


Presto provides electronic Bursting Strength testing machine that gives rapid test sequence using coordinated automatic controls to hold and testing cycles. An electronic pressure transducer gives a high level of correctness and best repeatability of test results. It has a digital display which is built on state of art robust circuitry platform to help repeated performance after years