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Check Plastic Resistance towards Harsh Weathering Conditions

Plastic material are the most commonly used building block to a wide variety of products and industries. They are now a part of your electronic appliances, the car you drive, and even in major applications such as aerospace industries. Starting from a pin to plane polymer is utilized on a larger scale now. With increasing demand of quality and high grade plastic, manufacturers and polymer researchers are finding new ways to innovate and produce new plastic species. For achieving such remarkable scale production it is important that the plastic must not fail in its performance and have long validity. Equipment like UV light weathering tester are used in may testing and research labs for estimating the life of a particular plastic material when exposed to harsh and extreme environmental condition which they might face when are in function.

While studying the weatherability of any plastic, lab testing chambers follows standardized test methods which shows a slight resemblance with the actual outdoor exposure. But with UV light tester, specimen can experience a controlled simulation of extreme weathering conditions in a highly advanced chamber.  For a reliable test process it is important that the factors which cause damages to the plastic and which the material will be prone to is a part of the testing.

The UV chamber allow testing with all possible factors such as direct sunlight, UV radiations, Water Spray, relative Humidity, Increasing or decreasing temperature, heating and cooling effects. As per requirement, user can easily select the test mode and set the parameters for conducting a complete precise test process. It has been found that for an analytical treatment to improve the plastic quality managers require a detail test report including both the effects of weathering factors and the kinetic of polymer degradation.

The test machine allow the user to have a graphical representation of the test and also can view the current status of a running test. It is equipped with a touchscreen display which is used for operation as well as for test monitoring. The test reports obtained from this test chamber can help in understanding the polymer degradation in quantitative manner and get predictions for outdoor exposure. This is the new way towards innovative plastic production and delivering precision in quality material.

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