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Assure Maximum Seal Strength in Flexible Packaging

Laboratory heat sealer is a very common used testing instrument in the flexible packing industry. The capability, feature and size of the machine depends in its use in different industry. Whatever be the size, the equipment works on the same principle. When heated the sealant molecules get bonded to each other and get adhered with the substrate. There are various things which must be kept in mind when you wish to obtain a perfect seal.

First of all it is the sealing temperature. Different industries use a different material for packaging so they have a distinct heat bearing capability. Hence, it gets very important to estimate the range of temperature the device offers. Also there are many things which depends on the packing material thickness. In order to improve the quality of your sealer and make it suitable for a wide range material, choose a heat sealer which offers multiple temperature range.


The sealing pressure is also very important. In order to achieve a strong adhesion bond, it is vital to put required amount of pressure. In case right amount of pressure is not applied, it can be the case that the package generate leak of air or liquid. And this can lead to product failure. If the outside air is coming inside, then it can also harm the content inside.

Another thing is the dwell time, it is the time duration which is required to form the adhesion bond between the substrate and the seal. In case the dwell time is high it can be weaken after cooling down. It is a very important thing for the material and sealer both.


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