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Assess the Impact Strength of Plastic Films for Quality Control

There are numerous ways in which a plastic film can be used in distinct industries. Still as per the record the plastic films biggest consumption is done by the packaging industry. They are mostly used for manufacturing wraps like shrink wrap, simple plastic wraps and bubble wrap. As the packaging films are a major part of the consumable items it is very important that they exhibit strong flexible properties or else they can damage the content packed inside.

And while they are stored and placed on stores and even in domestic kitchens, the most problematic issue the experience is the free-falling things. These conditions can easily burst the plastic and lead to product damages instantly. The use of dart impact tester can be the rescuer of the situation.


This testing instrument is designed to test the resistance power of the plastic film when the face free-falling weights. It is a renowned test in the packaging industry and is a reliable test. The test calculates the strength of film till the peak value of force it can take on itself after which it will burst out or fail completely. This can help you in recording a prior estimation of the quality and produce accordingly.

Dart Impact Tester is precisely designed by high-skilled engineers. It is equipped with a clever electromagnetic technology which is responsible for holding or releasing the dart on the test specimen. The machine completely follows the testing standards and can test the specimen against a maximum of 2kg of weight. Presto offers a variety of testing machine which includes analogue, digital model. The machine is installed with a dual clamp facility which clamps the specimen so tightly that there is no room for any errors. Its testing results are converted and displayed in a digital format on the screen such as the force applied and all. The inspection is visual.

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