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Analyze The Maximum Crushing Force That A Box Can Bear

It is the responsibility of the manufacturers to provide high quality packaging materials to ensure the safety of the products which are kept inside the packages. To produce high-quality of packaging products, it is mandatory to make use of high quality of raw material to manufacture the boxes like cartons, corrugated boxes.  To start the production process of packaging material, quality of the raw material must be checked thoroughly in order to find any type of defect to check their strength and resistance to make it best suited for any sort of application. To ensure the strength of the materials, it is necessary to test the quality of the raw materials first. This can be done efficiently with the help of testing instruments.

The edge crush tester is one the best testing instrument which is widely used in Paper and Packaging Testing Instrument. The testing instrument is used to analyze the crushing strength that a corrugated box can bear. The testing device is used to measure the quality of the materials used in manufacturing the boxes like single layered boards, cardboards, multi-layered boards, etc. The instrument is used to apply forces on the edges of the corrugated boxes to analyze the strength of the edges of such boxes.

Presto Stantest is a leading manufacturer of testing instrument that offers high-quality of edge crush testing machine. The instrument offers highly precise and accurate testing outcomes.  It is an amazing test instrument that can easily perform various tests like flat crush test, ring crush test and edge crush test.

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