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Salt Fog and Spray Tester Chamber in Bangladesh


The Salt and Fog Spray Test Chamber in Bangladesh is majorly used in industries for testing the corrosion resistance of different materials as well as products. The instrument is best for testing the efficiency of the coatings applied to different predicts to protect them from corrosion. The major industry where it is utilized is automobiles, paint, and plating, metals, etc. With the help this instrument, the manufacturers can assure the best quality of products that are delivered to the clients.  The advanced features loaded with the machine make its operation easy and results accurate. The instrument conforms to all the required international quality testing standards. Hence, it is also accepted easily in the international industries.

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Presto is a reliable manufacturer and exporter of Salt Fog and Spray Tester Chamber for Bangladesh that is highly evinced and providing accurate test analysis of the test specimen. The instrument is used in industries to test the corrosion resistance offered by the materials when subjected to extreme corrosive environments. The device is provided with a touch screen control panel that helps in the easy setting of the test parameters inside the chamber. The reinforced plastic used for manufacturing test chamber is strong and provides the chamber a longer life by protecting it from corrosions. There is a glass wool placed between the walls of the chamber which helps in protecting it from shocks and also prevent any heat loss from the chamber.

All the quality standards have been followed strictly while manufacturing the device and it is provided with a conformance certificate and a user guide.

    • The range of temperature that can be achieved through the instrument varies from ambient to 600
    • The temperature tolerance offered by the device is 10
    • A high accuracy of ±1% is provided with the instrument.
    • The touch screen panel fitted with the instrument is best for the efficient and controlled programming of the test parameters in the chamber.
    • The standard accessories such as moisture filter, pressure gauge, air regulator, are available with the instrument.
    • The material used for fabrication of the test chamber so high quality reinforced fiber plastic that gives it a longer life and corrosion resistance.

    • A calibrated jar is placed outside the test chamber that is used for collection of the salt solution.
    • The test parameter can be easily set with the use of touch screen control panel.
    • The canopy hood of the device is operated with a hydraulic system and is made from Plexiglas material.

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