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Edge Crush Tester in Bahrain

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The Edge Crush Tester for Bahrain has an extensive use in various industries as it is meant for testing the edge crush strength of different packaging materials such as cardboards, paper, corrugated boards, etc. The edge crush strength indicates the quality and strength of the packaging materials and provides an accurate inspection of the materials used in the industry. This helps the manufacturers of the packaging materials to locate the best quality of products before delivering to the end users or customers. The instrument performs ring and flat crush test, besides the edge crush test. The device had passed all the quality testing standards and thus provides the precise results.

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Presto is renowned and trusted manufacturers of Edge crush Tester for Bahrain. The device is used to test the edge crush strength of the materials and prevents the sudden damage of the packaging materials during transit or storage. The instrument has a digital load indicator for displaying the accurate reading of the force applied to the specimen. The device is equipped with the limit switches, overload protection, etc. for improving the efficiency of the instrument. The instrument also performs the ring crush test and flat crush test.

The device is supplied with a user manual and an adherence certificate.

    • The test specimen can exert a maximum force of 10 kilograms.
    • The least count is a 100-gram
    • The instrument has a high accuracy level of ±1%.
    • The compression plates separate at a rate of 12.5 ± 2.5 mm per minute.
    • The electrical power supply of 220 volts single phase AC for operation.
    • The dimension of the appliance is 60 X 50 X 125 cm.
    • The machine is strictly adhering with the quality standard IS-7036.

    • The LED display provides the accurate test results.
    • The S-type load cell is used for performing the electronic calculation of force applied to the sample.
    • The peak load indicator with a program lock prevents any unauthorized change in the settings.
    • The sample loading mechanism is electromechanical in nature.

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