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Scuff Resistance Tester in United Arab Emirates

PSR - 292

The packaging materials have to face a lot of rubbing and scuffing during their transportation and storage. This causes defacing of the print quality of the packaging materials. The Scuff Resistance Tester in United Arab Emirates is an ideal testing instrument supplied by Presto and is used for testing the scuff resistance of various packaging materials and ensures the best print quality on those materials. The instrument is in compliance with international standards.

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Presto’s Scuff Resistance Tester for United Arab Emirates is an ideal testing instrument that is utilized by the manufacturers of the packaging materials to analyze the resistance offered by various materials to scuffing. The device is capable in providing the best testing results. The features like an automatic buzzer and digital preset timer help in the efficient and accurate working of the instrument. Additionally, there are two dead weights are available with the machine to exert an extra load on the machine.

The laboratory testing equipment is in compliance with the major quality testing standards and is provided with a conformance certificate along with an instruction guide.

    • Two different sizes of the specimen can be tested with the instrument with sizes of 2 inches and 4.5 inches.
    • The appliance is provided with two individual dead weights with a value of 1 psi + 1 psi that is used for exerting extra force on the sample.
    • The digital timer compiled with the device is best for setting the test timing with high accuracy and precision.
    • Chrome plating provided with the machine is best for providing a better corrosion protection.
    • A power supply of 220 volts 50 Hz AC single phase is required by the machine for smooth running.

    • The instrument is best for testing the scuffing resistance offered by a material when subjected to rubbing.
    • The materials like corrugated board, cardboard, paper and printed labels can easily be tested with the device.
    • The appliance is designed in a convenient way which helps in easy and simple operation.
    • An automatic buzzer is assembled with the device that notifies the users on completion of the test
    • The instrument is fabricated with best quality materials that make the instrument for work in industrial working conditions.


    Areas of application

    • Used for testing the scuff resistance of materials such as printed labels, corrugated boards, paper,
    • To test the inks that are used in the printing of packaging materials and labels.

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