Instruments as per IS 2-1960

Rules for Rounding off Numerical Values This standard prescribes rules for rounding off numerical values for the purpose of reporting the results of a test, inclusive of measurement and calculation and thus assisting in drafting specifications and provisions. It also makes suggestions as to the number of figures that should be maintained in the course of computation. Following Defintions are considered for the same: Number or Decimal Places - A value is said to have as many decimal places as there are a number of figures in the value, counting from the first figure after the decimal point and ending with the last figure on the right. Number or Significant Figures - A value is said to have as many significant figures as there are number of significant digits in the value, counting from the left-moat non-zero digit and ending with the rightmost digit in the value. Fineness of Rounding - The unit to which a value is rounded off.