Instruments as per DIN 50-021

Standard for Corrosion Testing

The Standard specifies the requirements with corrosion testing equipments and corrosive means should meet in salt spray testing, the plan being to facilitate identical circumstances to be reproduced in all cases in which spray tests are carried out on the basis of agreements and standards. For the Purpose of this standard. Spray tests are tests in which the corrosive agent is an aqueous sodium chloride solution with a concentration by mass of 5 g/100ml that is sprayed continuously by means of compressed air. As per DIN 50-021: Salt Spray test; CASS test i.e Copper accelerated acetic acid SS test. As per the standard, all parts of the test apparatus which come into contact with the spray or the test solution shall be made of a material that is resistant to the test solutions and does not influence the corrosive action of the test solution or of the spray.