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Npe-2015 Receives A Record Breaking Success

The giant plastics exhibition NPE-2015 set new records in terms of attendance and exhibition of manufacturing and testing equipments for the polymer industry. The statistics released by International plastics Showcase for NPE-2015 has confirmed that it was the biggest of all NPE shows in history.

The show took place from March 23 to March 27 in Orlando, Florida hosted around 2,029 exhibitors of plastic products, manufacturing machines and testing equipments. The show registered an attendance of 65,810 which is 19% higher than three years ago. The attendees were from 23,396 different companies which was 22% higher than NPE-2012. This shows that the buying potential in eth plastic industry has increased to a significant extent.

There was a new record set up in terms of international exhibitors as well as registrants. Around 44% of Exhibitors and 26% of registrants came from countries outside US. The biggest participating countries included India, China, Germany and South Korea. This figure does not include companies that participated through their US subsidiaries.

As told by officials, this NPE show surpassed al the previous versions of the show in terms of the content served to eth attendees related to new technologies, products and equipments in the field of plastic and polymers.

News Source:- http://www.plasticsinfomart.com/npe2015-sets-records-for-number-of-exhibitors-amount-of-space-and-the-number-of-companies-in-attendance/

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